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 The rules - You better follow 'em

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PostSubject: The rules - You better follow 'em   Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:01 pm

It's a fairly free forum, but stick by these rules:

* Try to avoid excessive swearing, hell you could even steal my method and use alternatives. Although if you do I'll say fudge you, cupid shizhead.

* No porn, although why the hell you'd need porn to introduce yourself is beyond me. Unless you're a pornstar but I doubt we'll be that lucky fortunate unfortunate.

* Don't flame, just argue with yourself in the mirror.

* No warez, we all sure as hell have something that's warez but other people don't need to know that.

Breaking the above rules will result in a warning, then a second violation will result in a ban.
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The rules - You better follow 'em
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