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 "Welcome to the site"- website news

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PostSubject: "Welcome to the site"- website news   Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:35 pm

Quote :
Welcome to the site
(06 April - 13:36 1+ GMT) by Patrick

We have just opened, and created a whole new Flash-website hosted by "Wix".com. Even though its free, then its awesome! and we really love it, but no worries, we will soon buy the "full version", and a *.com domain, but at the moment, then we will use thos, and i can't say its bad, because we are also using "freedomain", so its pretty nice. We are also going to put up some kind of System, like news, media and download system etc. You may found a link with the name "No Contact Public Beta" in the download section, but its fake, its only to test the download system that we are putting up, but remember we are still building on it, and we are pretty happy of the current result! remember that you can comment this news on the forum, and you'r finding the forum by clicking on the sparkling "FORUM" text at the upper right corner, just below the banner!

Hope you like the new site! and keep and eye in the Media section, there will come more updates! Have fun with the new website!


taken from the nocontactmod website

Patrick Adminstrator (No Contact Founder & Team Leader)
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"Welcome to the site"- website news
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