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 The Rules - You better follow 'em

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PostSubject: The Rules - You better follow 'em   Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:12 pm

Some guidelines to follow when you post:

* Speak in comprehensible English, example: "Hello I have a spiffing idea that I would like to outline in the following paragraphs" rather than "LOLOL ir g0t lyk teh bezzest Idear ir fikn w$ shud hav enw wepsons lyk mastrcheefs gunz ". Even if you're foreign, there's no excuse for 1337 style speech.

* Don't suggest porn. It's a rule that will inevitably get broken when the mod gets bigger but doing so will result in a perma ban.

* Don't flame. There's nothing worse than a bunch of elitist gits LOLing at YOUR idea because it doesn't fit into their perfect exsistence, so don't do it yourself.

* No warez. Plain and simple, those Photoshop cracks aren't allowed here.
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The Rules - You better follow 'em
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