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 Experianced/Talented Level Designer Searched!

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PostSubject: Experianced/Talented Level Designer Searched!   Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:26 pm

Hey "fellow fans".

We are looking for a nice Singleplayer mapper, that can make nice, and good looking maps, currently, we got the projekt inhouse, so i can't really show you anything here, but if you add my steam, or msn, then i will show you some our progress

Who are we?
We are a modding group, that is looking for a nice level designer, that can make singleplayer maps, for the source engine based mod, No Contact, we got 3 coders, alot of 3D artist, homemade Textures, props, and we got the coding from the scratch!

Hey, i am a Mapper, can i join?
I can't answer on that right now, i need to see your work, so if you add my steam (doh_hugo) or my msn (, we are looking for two-three level designers that can make maps for the source engine, with a very nice graphich, adding atom sphere, color contrast, and advanced settings, and also like, so the "NPCs" can move!

I am a nice mapper, but how awesome are you?
You can judge that by adding my steam (doh_hugo) or msn ( and then show some of your work, then i will show some of our progress, and work!

- What are you waiting on, just add the contacts, and then we can talk about it!

** Do not add my contact if it hasen't anything about the job to do
**** If you are a 3D artist, Texture artist, or something else, then add me, and show me your work, then we can MAYBE use you.

Cheers, and ofcourse CYA!

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(Mod Leader & Founder)

Patrick Adminstrator (No Contact Founder & Team Leader)
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Experianced/Talented Level Designer Searched!
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